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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and management (FSEG)

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The Faculty of Economics and management (FSEG) of the University of Ngaoundéré was created in 1993 following a presidential decree transforming a number of university centers of Cameroon in autonomous universities. Thus, the FSEG capitalizes twenty (20) years of experience in the fields of vocational, initial and continuous training. National, sub regional and international vocation, it ensures the training of executives and senior managers in the fields of management and economy.

Renowned for its organization, its seriousness in formation of young people and especially for the high quality of its graduates, the FSEG welcomes every year many Cameroonian students from all regions and all social strata of the country. It also hosts many foreign students (including Chadian, Central African, Congolese, Gabonese, and Rwanda) which the respective countries trust him.

In strict collaboration with the business world which makes it perfect trust, the FSEG of the University of Ngaoundéré ensures professional training in Marketing-trade-sale, in Accounting-Finance-Audit, in Business General Administration, in Business logistics, in Economy monetary and banking and in International economy and Finance. Today, the FSEG, as all other institutions of the University of Ngaoundéré, works totally within the logic of the Bachelor-Master-doctorate (LMD) system. It offers training in the FIELD of «Economy and Management» with the INDICATIONS «Economics» and «Management science», ROUTES 'Accounting-Finance', 'Marketing-trade-sale', 'Science and Management Techniques (General Management)', 'Economy, monetary and banking', “international economy and finance», «Logistics and transport"(in progress!). It should be noted that in these different routes, there are also many specialization options. In total the FSEG offers this update on the young six (06) Bachelors, five (05) Masters and one (01) PhD. business studies prepared in the context of the doctoral training (UFD) in management science unit. The FSEG envisages the opening of other course training (Bachelor’s degree and Masters) and a new unit of doctoral training (in Economics) to meet the growing needs of the world of business and academic research.

In terms of academic organization, the FSEG currently has four departments namely:

*      The accounting -Finance department, which provides training in the accounting and Finance course;

*       The Management, strategy and foresight department, which provides training in the science and Techniques of management course;

*       The Marketing Department, which provides training in Marketing-trade-sales course;

*       The Economy monetary and Banking department, which provides training in economy monetary and banking, in international economics and finance course.

In terms of human resources, the FSEG is enlivened by a qualified, young, dynamic and dedicated faculty who provides daily training for students. This teaching staff in the four departments, frames every year nearly three thousand (3000) students Cameroonian and foreign. The FSEG also counts on a staff and qualified support, competent and available, which ensures with passion and dedication the good works of the establishment.

      On the infrastructure level, the FSEG has showrooms lessons appropriate to the formation of its students, with individual capacities ranging from fifty (50) to thousand (1000) places. It also has two computer labs equipped with sixty computers for practical work (TP) in computer science from students. To support teaching and research, the FSEG features an e-library (library) with more than five thousand (5000) references including books, theses, memoirs, reports... It must be said, with pride, that in addition to hundreds of cahiers de Recherche (working papers), the FSEG of University of Ngaoundéré is virtually the only institution from Cameroon, or even in Central Africa to be subscribed to numerous international scientific journals in French and English, which contribute largely to increase the quality of researches of students and teachers, and the ever increasing scientific faculty publications volume.  This indisputable dynamism in the field of research is also within the framework of the Research Laboratory in Economy and Management of Organizations (LAREGO). To support its image quality and increase its scientific visibility, the FSEG of University of Ngaoundéré is developing a journal called 'Revue Economie et Gestion des Organisations (REGO)' whose first number is being prepared.

            In addition, the FSEG maintains numerous agreements with businesses through the professionalization of the teachings and partnership with other national and foreign universities in the field of exchange of experiences, teachers and students. She is also a member of several institutional networks including inter alia the CIDEGEF (International Conference of the leaders of the Institutions of education and research of management of Expression Francophone), the PTCI (third Cycle inter-university program), the association RAMEGE (network African and Malagasy for Excellence in business administration)... By the quality of its training and its teaching staff, the University of Ngaoundéré FSEG was able to create a relationship of mutual trust with executives of domestic and the Central African subregion enterprises.

            Resolutely turned towards the future, the FSEG intends to heavily integrate ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and adapt more its training needs and cultural realities of African enterprises. It is given for many years the sole objective to be a point of reference in management/business administration and Economics money and banking in the Central African subregion. To meet this challenge, it is particularly open, learning and adaptive for what is done better in Sciences of management and Economics in the largest universities and schools of business across the world.

            That you are a prospective student or future collaborator, by integrating our faculty, you're sure to have made the right choice for your professional future. Also, I wish you welcome and a pleasant stay in the FSEG of University of Ngaoundéré.

The Dean

Pr Victor TSAPI

 Professor of Universities in Management Science

Profesor TSAPI Victor